Black & White Masterpiece

Good day ladies and gentlemen!


Welcome back, once again, to our monthly blog! We will keep this month’s blog brief given the hustle and bustle of this season.


Since the flipping of the flip, we have been hard at work fine-tuning our business plan and discussing furniture suppliers and flooring options since we will have forty-three (43) bedrooms to build and furnish. Yes, you read correctly, forty-three bedrooms!


This is a fantastic starting point for the new home leaving plenty of space on the property for further expansion in the future. Forty-three bedrooms also means, we will definitely be brushing up on our furniture-assembling and singing skills during the day as well as nursing our cut hands and bruised egos at night (when at least one of us will have lost a battle against a crooked headboard or a sticky dresser-drawer). As experienced DIYers, we are foreseeing our tasks and fun memories ahead and preparing for it all! There is of course, so much to accomplish before we reach that point, so on to the next and most important news for this month.


Our architect Christos Kaltsas, payed us a visit and gifted us with the most wonderful piece of black and white art a business family could ever wish for…the first draft of the floor-plan for the new home. We are so pleased with this first design! Christos has brilliantly pieced together every element we asked for and surprised us with some unique bedroom and bathroom placements that take full advantage of every square inch of space. He definitely understood our game plan and is making this process simpler than we anticipated. Minor tweaks need to be made, then on to the tendering process in order to find the right contractors to make this masterpiece a reality.


As everyone busies themselves with holiday activities and work seems to slow in pace, we will be taking this much needed down-time to reflect on and be grateful for everything and especially, everyone we have in our lives. With those warm thoughts, we finish by wishing everyone a wonderful and safe holiday season full of love, laughter, and gratitude.



-        The Janjua Family

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